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Take your entertainment experience to the next level and get the very best out of your AV system with our THX/PVA certified video & HAA certified audio calibration service.


Look no further than our fantastic range of AV gear at very competitive prices, contact us for more information and for free advice!
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Why Calibrate?

Think about it… Who would buy a musical instrument & not have it professionally tuned? Even a Steinway or Stradivarius needs tuning. The same is true of TVs, projectors & audio systems. And yet there are thousands of amazing TVs, projectors & audio systems in UK households which have never been set up properly! Even the most expensive and luxurious home cinema can be let down by a poorly set up TV, projector or audio system.

Before Calibration After calibration
Display Calibration

Take Your Home Cinema To The Next Level

Our expert calibrator, Dr Julian Scott, will ensure that your TV or projector or audio system is performing to its maximum potential.


Using reference signals and professional measuring equipment our calibrator will set brightness and contrast correctly, making sure that there are no subsequent colour shifts and or white clipping/black crush. Lumen output will be set correctly so that extended periods of viewing do not cause eye fatigue.


Our technician will ensure that your TV or projector is displaying the full resolution of images and will set up your display for optimal sharpness.


Our calibrator is a fully qualified THX Video Professional (Levels 1, 2 & 3), Cedia Member and PVA (Professional Video Alliance) certified (levels 1, 2 & 3).


We will ensure greyscale errors on your device are as low as possible as this is critical to an accurate image. We will also manipulate your display’s colour and tint controls or (if present) the colour management system (CMS) to ensure that colour errors are as low as possible. Gamma will also be set as close as possible to reference levels.


Our technician will calibrate as many inputs as necessary and, where possible, provide day and night settings for viewing in controlled and ambient light conditions.


Following the completion of your calibration you will receive records of your TV/Projector’s new settings – so rest assured, you can recover your calibrated settings should they be wiped or altered be accident.

Book A Demo

Want to experience for yourself just how good a calibrated system looks & sounds? Do you want to test out some of our equipment with a view to purchase? If so then come and see our demo room!
Our demo equipment consists of:
  • 3.15m wide 2.40:1 fixed frame projection screen with Dreamscreen V7 acoustically transparent material
  • JVC NZ8 4K HDR Home Cinema Projector
  • Panasonic UB9000 UHD Blu-ray player
  • Trinnov Altitude 16 Sixteen Channel Pre Amplifier
  • Kaleidescape Strato S 4K Ultra HD Movie Player 6TB
  • Trinnov Amplitude 16 - 16 channel power amplifier with a power rating of 200W/channel at 8 ohms and 400W/channel at 4 ohms.
  • KRIX MX-20 Modular Behind Screen System, KRIX MEGAPHONIX FLAT Surround, KRIX PHONIX FLAT Surround, KRIX ATMOSPHERIX A20 In Ceiling, KRIX ATMOSPHERIX AS In-Ceiling
  • MadVR Envy Extreme Mark 2 video processor
  • Power Sound Audio S3012 & S1812 Subwoofers
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Experience Calibrating Hundreds Of Displays From All The Major Manufacturers
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Look no further than our fantastic range of AV gear at very competititve prices! Contact us for more information and for free advice!

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Frequently Asked Questions

My display is one of the best on the market! Why does it need calibrating?

Manufacturers typically preset their TVs to look as bright and colourful as possible so that their product stands out in the brightly lit show room. However, this does not make for an accurate or optimal picture quality. The need to have your TV or projector calibrated becomes even more apparent when we consider that all movies and TVs are produced to a clear set of industry standards – Rec 709, D65 for high definition material. If your TV or projector isn’t precisely reflecting these standards then you aren’t seeing the picture ‘as the director intended’!

How much does a THX/PVA certified display or HAA audio calibration cost?

As client needs vary we do encourage you to contact us in order to receive a bespoke price. Discounts are available for multiple displays. There may be a small additional amount to cover travel expenses. So please contact us for a quotation.

Will my TV or projector need to recalibrated at a later date?

Since displays naturally drift over time from their calibrated state it is recommended that your display is periodically re-calibrated. A tune-up such as this is recommended for TVs after 1000 hours or 12-16 months and can be performed for just £145. Re-calibration of projectors with UHP bulbs is recommended every few hundred hours as they drift relatively quickly compared to flat panels.

What happens if I accidentally erase the calibrated settings?

Following the completion of your calibration you will receive records of your TV/Projector’s new settings – so rest assured, you can recover your calibrated settings should they be wiped or altered be accident.