Dr Julian Scott - THX, PVA, HAA Certified & Cedia Member


Dr Julian Scott is a fully qualified THX & PVA Video Professional (Levels 1, 2 & 3) and has also worked as the THX & PVA Classroom Assistant to Gregg Loewen in the delivery of the THX & PVA Professional Video Calibrators training course. With regards to audio he is also certified with the HAA (Home Acoustics Alliance).


Dr Scott has experience calibrating all kinds of projectors, TVs and grading monitors from all the major manufacturers – JVC, Epson, Optoma, Phillips, Pioneer, Panasonic, LG, Samsung and Sony to name but a few!


Our bespoke THX/PVA certified video calibration service is available for a flat fee for domestic clients of £300.00. Different rates may apply to commercial customers, so drop us a line! Discounts are available for multiple displays and for returning customers. Audio calibration fee varies depending on what is being done and is discounted if combined with a video calibration.

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Dr Scott has been an active member of AVForums.com and AVSForum.com since 2003 and gained much experience calibrating as an enthusiastic amateur. However, when the opportunity to take the UK’s first THX Video Professional Course (sponsored by AVForums and held at JVC House) came up in the summer of 2011 he jumped at the chance to improve his knowledge and experience and become a professional.

Since he qualified Dr Scott has not only calibrated hundreds of TVs and projectors in the field he has also worked as THX instructor and now as a PVA instructor alongside Gregg Loewen (formerly Lead THX Video Standards Instructor, founder of the Professional Video Alliance and President of Lion Audio Video Consultants Inc.). Dr Scott also regularly appears as the 'calibration expert' on the AVForums hardware podcast.

Have your display and or audio system calibrated by DisplayCalibration.co.uk, confident in the knowledge that our calibrator is fully trained and equipped to get the very best from your display!

Experience Calibrating Hundreds Of Displays From All The Major Manufacturers
Calibration Equipment

Equipment We Use

Here’s a quick overview of the professional grade equipment that our THX/PVA certified display calibrator currently uses in order to tweak your display to the max!
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CalMAN Ultimate is the master product of all CalMAN software combined. Designed for professional calibration, CalMAN Ultimate allows users to create custom workflows tailored to their own calibration needs. Calman color calibration solutions meet the latest technical specifications utilizing our advanced color calibration protocols and international standards. Calman software supports the latest advancements in display technology along with providing consistent calibration results maintained across all display types.Calman is the most widely used calibration software for verification of a display’s performance. Calman professional calibration software meets the rigorous requirements found in business environments where reporting, verification, and validation are crucial. Calman color calibration solutions ensure best-in-class picture quality based on the latest in color science and display technology. Enjoy an unprecedented immersive experience while viewing films, TV shows, and other media. Calman color calibration software ensures the best viewing experience possible from your displays.

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ColourSpace enables unprecedented and previously unachievable levels of accuracy and data reporting for display calibration, colour management, and colour workflows within the professional Film, Post-Production, & Broadcast industries, as well as for Display Manufacturers and Home Cinema enthusiasts. ColourSpace is the new de-facto standard for advanced colour management, guaranteeing the highest possible level of display calibration and colour control, regardless of final application. The most visually impressive capabilities within ColourSpace revolve around the unique graphics capabilities, combined with interactive data manipulation, with 3D CIE, XYZ, and normalised Colour Space Graphs, including Error Tangent lines and colour coded measure points. New user defined patch colour sequences have been implemented for manual TV CMS adjustments, allowing any patch sequences to be imported for either manual or automated measurements. New Remote Control integration allows for the development of third-party programs to both control ColourSpace, as well as receive data from ColourSpace, enabling additional colour management processes outside the direct capabilities of ColourSpace. But, the biggest new capabilities ColourSpace enables is future flexibility. The new code base has been developed to allow unrestricted future development of new calibration tools, graphical layouts, direct data interactivity, and more. ColourSpace really is a totally new approach to calibration, and calibration tools.

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In conjunction with both Calman Ultimate and ColourSpace calibration software, our reference grade Jeti 1511 spectrophotometer helps our THX/PVA certified technician to accurately read and then calibrate the image displayed by your TV or projector or grading monitor. A spectrophotometer is an instrument that is used to measure properties of light over a specific portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Used in a commerical post-production environment for the calibration of studio and grading monitors.

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Another spectrophotometer we carry in our kit bag!

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The ultimate colorimeter! Optimised for post production and cinema. Quick, stable and accurate, the Klein K10-A has an unmatched black level sensitivity making it particularly idea for calibrating plasma, OLED, projectors and other display types which possess impressive black level response!

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The Murideo SIX-G is for the AV integration market to confirm HDMI 2.0(a) and HDCP 2.2 operation at the 18 GBPS level. Additionally, the SIX-G is an excellent troubleshooting tool for distributed HDMI systems, a reference source for video calibration and is compatible with CalMAN.

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The Accupel DVG-5000 signal generator is a device which produces all the reference signals and formats needed for testing, calibrating, and servicing all display types. This includes patterns for calibrating 3D capable displays. This ensures that your display is being calibrated against a perfect reference source.

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In order to make sure that your whole video chain from player to display is accurate our calibrator will use a variety of select reference SDR and HDR content (including the Spears & Munsil UHD Blu-ray). These discs help to ensure that you're getting the very best performance from your TV or projector.

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Sencore MX399 Microphone Multiplexer - provides a means to automatically sample multiple listening positions and formulate one measurement screen that reflects the overall room frequency response. The MX399 provides the versatility of averaging the output of two, three, or four attached XLR microphones, or monitoring individual microphones for gain equalization. Four microphone multiplexed sampling is used by all major cinema/sound reinforcement/home theater organizations for a good average of overall room response. This allows you to position subwoofers, adjust equalizers or make appropriate adjustments.